Our Team

The Australian Pathogen Genomics Program (AusPathoGen) is led by a multidisciplinary research team of leading academics and public health laboratory experts from 12 academic institutions across Australia, with​expertise in antimicrobial resistance, bioinformatics, epidemiology, evaluation and implementation science, health economics, infectious diseases, genomic modelling, medical microbiology and phylodynamics.

About AusTrakka National Analysis Team

The AusTrakka National Analysis Team is comprised of bioinformaticians and genomic epidemiologists responsible for supporting the operation of AusTrakka.

The team undertakes national surveillance reporting to the Australian Government Department of Health and is activated in the event of an inter-jurisdictional, multi-jurisdictional or national outbreak to facilitate the coordination of data sharing, analysis and collaboration between public health laboratories to ensure consistent and standardised reporting across states and territories.

The AusTrakka National Analysis Team comprises four key areas:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Development and sustainability
  • Training and engagement
  • Implementation evaluation

Membership of this team is currently comprised of representatives from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as the jurisdictions with established and dedicated SARS-CoV-2 genomics capability and capacity. The team aims to expand to include representation from other jurisdictions, as genomics capacity is more broadly established.

AusPathoGen Program Lead | Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory, CDGN Co-Chair

Associate Professor Torsten Seemann is a bioinformatician specialising in applied microbial genomics.

Professor Martyn Kirk is Professor of Applied Epidemiology at the Australian National University.

Institute for Clinical Pathology and Medical Research (ICPMR), NSW CDGN Laboratory Lead

Forensic and Scientific Services, QLD CDGN Laboratory Lead

Dr Chuan Kok Lim is a Medical Virologist and Acting Director of the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL)

Professor Kathryn Glass is the Head of the Infectious disease Epidemiology and Modelling group in the Research School of Population Health at the Australian National University.

Dr Angeline Ferdinand works within the Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory (MDU PHL) at the Doherty Institute.

Professor Emily Lancsar is Head of the Department of Health Services Research and Policy and Associate Dean (Policy and Practice) in the College of Health and Medicine at the Australian National University.

NSW Health Pathology, NSW CDGN Laboratory Lead

Steven Djordjevic is Distinguished Professor of Infectious Disease and Theme Leader in the Australia Institute for Microbiology & Infection at the University of Technology Sydney.

Dr Purkayastha is a Science Leader in the Genomics & Bioinformatics Group.

ACT Pathology, ACT CDGN Laboratory Lead

Royal Darwin Hospital, NT CDGN Laboratory Lead

SA CDGN Laboratory Lead

Dr Jen Kok is a medical virologist, infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist.

Program Manager

Genomic Epidemiology Lead

Bioinformatics Implementation Lead

AusTrakka Lead Developer

AusPathoGen Secretariat

Communications Officer